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Researchers' night 2012 PDF Print

Just like in the previous years, even this year the CBIA as well as the Faculty of Informatics participated in the European Researchers' Night.

This year, it happened on 28th September 2012, from 6p.m. till midnight. You could find us at the Faculty of Informatics, see our contacts, block C (to the right from the main entrance door), the 4th floor.

Our topic was ``With pixels not only to the micro-world''.

You could see and experience at us::Image

  • life microscopy projection of various stuff:
    • LCD panel
    • mechanical watches,
    • a payment card chip,
  • a video summarizing the whole process of specimen preparation, acquisition and image analysis:
    • a work in biological laboratory
    • preparation and calibration of a microscope before acquisition
    • a CCD camera principle
    • examples of acquired images
    • examples of image data manipulation
  • interactive image processing applications:
    • what's on the picture - demonstration of de-noising algorithms
    • try to correct an image - demonstration of removal of patterns
    • find object edges - demonstration of segmentation algorithms
  • interactive games with biomedical topics for childern:
    • the game of fiftheen
    • colouring sheets
    • a věd-xeso
    • a puzzle
  • a chat with experts in the field of image processing
  • answer a quiz, learn something new and, in the end, win something

We are looking forward to meeting you in our laboratory also next year. Researchers' night 2013 will take place on 27th September!

Written by David Svoboda   
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