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CytoPacq PDF Print
Article Index
Simulated Phenomena
Execution and Downloading
MUCIC - Image Datasets
History of Changes

Web Toolkit

Currently, the version 2.0 is available. All the previous versions are listed in the history of changes.
If you meet some failure or if you like to contact developers please write an e-mail to David Svoboda.

Source codes

The source codes    are freely available and are subject to GNU GPL. If you want to get them all you have to do is to register yourself. After that, you will obtain a free access to the download section. Before you start compiling, building or running this application, please read the documentation carefully.

Running CytoPacq with Docker

Compiling the whole CytoPacq from scratch on your own may seem a bit complicated. For this purpose Volker Baecker (BioCampus Montpellier, France) prepared a Dockerfile that simplifies the whole building process. All you have to do is to install Docker into your computer and follow the instructions written in the abovementioned Dockerfile.


Written by David Svoboda   
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 August 2017 )
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