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FTutor1D is a software that provides educational tool for one dimensional discrete Fourier transform. The aim of the application is to provide a deeper insight of the transform. By investigating simple one dimensional signals, one can learn about the effect of the transform, the impact of every coefficient, see the shape of each Fourier basis function or try to apply one of the provided filters.

The important features of the application are the following:

  • prompt reactions: the application responds to user interactions real time
  • high precision: all the points are plotted precisely in the coordinate system, that can be scaled
  • database of signals: we provide 16 basic examples of signals for a quick start
  • being multiplatform: both Linux and MS Windows are currently supported
  • extensibility: it is possible to load custom signals as well as to provide new language versions without the need of recompilation

User interface of the application is very simple and hopefully intuitive. The main window of the application is splitted into quarters, each quarter contains one graph. At the bottom, the original signal and modified signal are displayed, at the top, one can investigate the plots of magnitude and phase signals in the frequency spectrum and a graph of the basis function corresponding to the selected frequency.

Fig. 1: User interface of FTutor1D. From the bottom left corner in clock-wise order: original signal, modified magnitude plot, basis function corresponding to the selected frequency, modified signal.

Written by David Svoboda   
Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 October 2016 )
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