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Optical Flow downloads
Requirements and Options
Sources and ChangeLog
Current Binaries

This page summarizes download pointers to libraries and tools related to the computation of optical flow .


We maintain the Optical flow collection of libraries and tools in the CBIA. Every library and tool is licensed separately under the GNU GPL.

Technically, the collection is one repository in the Subversion with several directories and files in its root, namely dirs:

and files:

  • CMakeLists.txt -- overall CMake configuration file,
  • Doxyfile -- Doxygen configuration file,
  • LICENSE with the copy of GNU GPL license,
  • ChangeLog file,
  • Documentation.txt about how to document new functions.

The doc directory has some images referenced from the documentation in the source codes initially. After issuing the command make doc, a recent updated documentation will be created in the doc/html directory. The documentation is generated from source codes over all libraries and tools using the Doxygen . Hence the boundaries between libraries in the documentation are somewhat fuzzy.

A copy of doc/html directory is mirrored at

Configuration of compile-time options and compiling and linking parameters is driven by the CMake, see the next page.

Written by Vladimír Ulman   
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 February 2012 )
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