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The dependency tree visual summarization is here.

Basicaly, one needs to have the i3dcore and some image fileformats manipulating libraries, which are required by the i3dcore. This is enough for the i4dcore to compile and link.

The LinearFilters library is based on top of the i4dcore but it further requires the LAPACK library.

The OpticalFlow library is based on top of the LinearFilters but it further requires the i3dalgo library.

The tool programs and the Ground-truth generator gtgen are linked against the OpticalFlow library (and libraries pulled in by it).

The same holds for the GUI demo program ofd which requires OpenGL and wxWidgets in addition.

The i3dcore and i3dalgo are both CBIA libraries currently available upon request. Installation manual for these is available here. LAPACK and fileformats libraries can be freely download elsewhere. Many of them are part of major operating systems by default.


We provide separate CMakeFiles.txt file, a CMake configuration file, for every library, the GUI demo and the tools directory. However, they are expected to be called from the overall CMakeFiles.txt which is located in the root directory. It is the top-level configuration file and should be the only one the CMake program is pointed to.

This top-level CMakeLists.txt supports the following compilation configurations:

  • Only the i4dcore and LinearFilters libraries will be compiled and built when WITH_FILTERS_ONLY is set to ON. Otherwise the OpticalFlow library is built too. This (without OpticalFlow) is the default and minimalistic configuration supported, it creates two libraries.
  • The GUI demo program ofd will be compiled when WITH_GRAPHIC_UTILS is set to ON. This automaticaly changes WITH_FILTERS_ONLY to OFF since the OpticalFlow library is required by the program too.
  • The tools with the Ground-truth generator gtgen will be compiled when WITH_COMMAND_UTILS is set to ON. This also changes WITH_FILTERS_ONLY to OFF.
  • Selecting between Debug and Release variant with DEBUG_VERSION. The Debug variant pushes compiler to include some extra information about the code useful for debuggers and disables code-generating optimizations. Often some extra lines of code from the source files are compiled. These mostly produce report lines in the console. The Release variant does the opposite (thus produces smaller and faster binaries).
  • Additionally, one may disable the use of certain 3rd party library, such as FFTW or LAPACK. However, differing from the default setup may lead to unability to compile or link certain library.

In other words: One may compile only lib4d and LinearFilters. One may enlarge the compilation batch by adding the OpticalFlow library to it. To these three libraries one may further add all tools with gtgen and/or GUI demo program ofd.

Configuration, compilation and installation manual is part of the documentation.

Written by Vladimír Ulman   
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 February 2012 )
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