i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > Member List
This is the complete list of members for i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >, including all inherited members.
AddNewComponent(const Image3d< bool > &mask)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
componentsi3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
Convert(Image3d< T > &img)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
CreateForegroundRegionsFF(const Image3d< VOXEL > &img, const Neighbourhood &nb=nb3D_6)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
CreateRegions(Image3d< VOXEL > &img, const Neighbourhood &nb=nb3D_6)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
CreateRegionsFF(const Image3d< VOXEL > &img, const Neighbourhood &nb=nb3D_6)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
CreateRegionsOld(Image3d< VOXEL > &, const Neighbourhood &nb=nb3D_6)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
displacementi3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [private]
FindAndSetMaxLabel()i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
get_max_label(void) const i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
GetComponentMask(LABEL lbl, Image3d< bool > &mask) const i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
GetDisplacement() const i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
LabeledImage3d(const Offset *off_=0, const Resolution *res_=0)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline, explicit]
max_labeli3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [private]
MergeComponents(LABEL comp, Predicate pred)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
MergeComponents(LABEL comp1, LABEL comp2)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
NumberOfComponents() const i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
ReadImage(const char *filename, const VOI< PIXELS > *voi=NULL, bool isregexp=0, size_t channel=-1)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
RemoveComponent(LABEL label)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
SaveImage(const char *filename, i3d::FileFormat format=IMG_ICSv2) const i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >
SetDisplacement(const Vector3d< int > &d)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL > [inline]
UpdateComponent(LABEL lbl, const Image3d< bool > &mask)i3d::LabeledImage3d< LABEL, VOXEL >