Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
i3d::BioFormatsReaderReader subclass which uses the OME Bio-Formats Java library to read images
i3d::DCMReaderClass for reading the DCM files
i3d::DCMWriterClass for writing the DCM files
i3d::HDF5ReaderClass for reading HDF5 files
i3d::HDF5WriterClass for writing HDF5 files
i3d::I3DReaderImage 3d (internal format of i3dlib) Reader
i3d::I3DWriterImage 3d (internal format of i3dlib) Writer
i3d::ICSReaderClass for reading the ICS files
i3d::ICSWriterClass for writing the ICS files
i3d::Image3d< VOXEL >The main template class which stores and manipulates the image data
i3d::ImageFileHeaderModified by Maros Gonda ( 2011
i3d::ImageReaderGeneral (abstract) object for reading image file formats
i3d::ImageWriterGeneral object for writting image file formats
i3d::ImgFormatsTableTable of implemented image file format
i3d::InternalExceptionInternal exception
i3d::IOExceptionIO Exception
i3d::JPEGReaderClass for reading JPEG files
i3d::JPEGWriterClass for writing JPEG files
i3d::LibExceptionGeneric exception class
i3d::METAIOHeaderStruct with parameters of the image read from the header of the text *.mhd or *.mha file
i3d::METAIOReaderClass for reading MetaIO files
i3d::METAIOWriterClass for writing the MetaIO files
i3d::PNGReaderClass for reading PNG files
i3d::PNGWriterClass for writing PNG files
i3d::Resolution3D image resolution
i3d::RGB_generic< T >Generic RGB type
i3d::SequenceReaderThe basic class for reading the image sequences
i3d::SequenceWriterThe basic class for writing the image sequences
i3d::T_pair< T1, T2 >This is an VOI internal structure
i3d::TGAReaderClass for reading TGA files
i3d::TGAWriterClass for writing TGA files
i3d::TIFFReaderClass for reading the TIFF files
i3d::TIFFWriterClass for writing the TIFF files
i3d::VectField3d< TYPE >Vector field is specialized 3d image, where each voxel has three componenets wrapped in Vector3d structure
i3d::Vector3d< T >General structure for 3D coordinations manipulation
i3d::VOI< UNIT >Volume of interest
i3d::VoxelConversion< T1, T2 >Convert a voxel value of a type T1 to a type T2
i3d::VoxelConversion< T1, bool >Partial specialization of the base VoxelConversion class intended for the binary output type