Brief description on how to build the CBIA i3dcore and i3dalgo libraries

  1. Download & install required libraries.
  2. Download & install CMake tool. It provides semi-automatic configuration of the compilation process.
  3. Locate the i3dlibs directory with the both libraries. The top-level CMakeLists.txt file and source directories src-core and src of the both libraries shall be found here.
  4. Important: Some subdirectories of the i3dlibs contain CMakeLists.txt file which is necessary for the CMake. Do not delete them!
  5. Prepare a working directory where binaries and various other outputs will be collected. CMake will also place its own working files here.
  6. Configuration and building:
  7. Additional steps for installing Bio-Formats support.
    1. Make sure you have Java Virtual Machine with the corresponding SDK installed.
    2. Make sure you have specified the location to the Bio-Formats library in the CLASSPATH environment variable.
    3. Re-configure the i3dcore library with CORE_WITH_BIOFORMATS option enabled. If CMake is not able to find the Java libraries, it will ask you to provide their location.
    4. Compile and build the i3dcore library.
    5. Optionally, compile and build the i3dalgo library.
  8. Installation:
  9. Documentation:
    1. Download & install Doxygen tool.
    2. You can create a documentation, after successful run of the CMake, of i3dcore and i3dalgo by building the targets docs-core and docs, respectively.
    3. The html documentations can be found in the i3dlibs/docs-core/html/index.html and i3dlibs/docs/html/index.html then.

Appendix - the required libraries

David Svoboda <>