Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis

This group was established at the Faculty of Informatics in 1997. The former name was Laboratory of Optical Microscopy (LOM) until 2005. Now it is called Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis (CBIA).

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About us

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  • we are an interdisciplinary group predominantly interested in image processing
  • we solve problems that are mostly application motivated
  • we aim at developing SW tools based on modern or newly developed algorithms
  • with our results, we contribute to better understanding and faster investigation of various biological and medical problems, for example:
    • we help to understand the structure and function of specific cell components
    • we try to help with the fight against cancer

About our work

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In the laboratory

  • some of us work in laboratory where we:
    • create specimen with cells
    • acquire computer images of these cells using a microscope
  • we make use of two optical microscopes, both are fully controlled by computer
  • acquired images are 2D or 3D, often it is a sequence of images and most often images are in colour
  • we obtain gigabytes of image data in this way


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At the computer

  • acquired images must be computer processed and analyzed reliably
  • using a computer we can, for instance:
    • suppress the noise and defects in microscope optics
    • search for protein complexes in cell nuclei
    • describe the flow of protein particles through the cell membrane
    • analyze gene activities and disclose their mutual dependencies and relationship
    • characterise movements and shape changes of intracellular structures during the time
  • new algorithms are developed or studied, programmed and modified in order to do what was described

The way we do it

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Learn it too

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Join us

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Even more information

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