FTutor is software that provides educational tool for Fourier transform and its application in the field of digital image processing. It aims to attractively, yet clearly, explain how Fourier transform works, and uncover the potential that lies behind using this transformation. The software was designed and developed as a practical part of Petr Sečkář's bachelor thesis and master thesis .

The application is designed to present and teach Fourier transform easily and intuitively. It performs Fast Fourier Transform on a selected image, and displays its frequency spectrum. It allows user to modify the spectrum using various methods, and it performes Inverse Fast Fourier Transform to display result of the modification.

fig 1

Fig. 1: User interface of FTutor. Shows selected image, spectrum of its transformation, modified image after inverse transformation and also currently selected frequency.

How to use

Main window of the application shows original and modified image. Frequency spectrum of the Fourier transform is also displayed, and it can be modified. Tools for the modification and their properties can be selected in Tool strip. There is also a picture box called Selected Frequency that shows currently selected frequencies regarding mouse cursor position in the spectrum. Frequency spectrum can be modified using several different methods:

Each of them offers different approach to spectrum modification. They can be used for example to reduce the noise in the image.

fig 2

Fig. 2: Reduction of noise in the input image using Brush tool. The difference is shown using image zooming.

The application offers selecting another image for demonstration of spectrum modification. This can be achieved either by selecting image from sample images, or by opening own image.

fig 3

Fig. 3: Dialog displaying sample images that can be opened and modified.

Application also contains tutorial and help sections for better understanding the application and the work with Fourier transform. In addition, there is an option to change the localization from English to Czech. Due to the optional support for CUDA platform, the application offers a real-time processing.

Download & Licensing

FTutor2d is a desktop application that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems with Microsoft .NET 4 CP package installed. The application is stored in the Information system of Masaryk University and can be distributed under BSD 3-clause license.