I3D Library


The I3D library is a software toolkit maintained and deveolped in CBIA since 2000. It si written in C++ with intensive use of templates. It is intented to be easily compiled and run well on Windows with recent Visual Studio and also on Linux with recent GNU compiler. The library offers functions such as

It is composed of two principal parts called i3dcore and i3dalgo.

Most of software packages designed and developed in the CBIA directly depends on the i3dcore & i3dalgo.


The i3dcore and i3dalgo are both property of the CBIA. We offer them for free under the GNU GPL license.


Comment for Linux users: We do not provide binary versions for Linux as there are too many configurations possible (*.so files depend on certain version of glibc, version found on your system will probably differ from ours). We encourage anyone to compile libraries from sources. It is especially easy on Linux.

Building the library

A detailed guide how to build the complete i3d library (both i3dalgo and i3dcore) from stratch can be found here.

Depending on a setup of your operating system, you may also need to download and install some of the 3rd party required libraries. These are property of their respective owners, not CBIA. Original and actual versions can be free downloaded from the sources (see details in the guide above). We have decided to provide a ZIP archive with a collection of binaries we use under MS Windows environment.

In case you find a bug in the code or the library does not work, please send us na e-mail to cbia-devel@fi.muni.cz. We will try to amend it as soon as possible.