This web page aims to present a CBIA developed open-source SW called viewer4d, a light-weight yet versatile viewer of 4D scientific images.

The purpose of the program is indeed to inspect 2D, 3D (stack of 2D images), 4D (usually a time-lapse sequence, or collection of results of image processing parametric study, of 3D images) images. On one hand, it allows to overview image data as a whole with such features as

On the other hand, it allows to zoom in and inspect values of individual voxels and their neighborhood.

The pixel values can be anything from 8bit and 16bit integers, real and complex values, or RGB and RGB16 colours. It is able to read single JPEG, TIF, PNG, ICS (Image Cytometry Standard), HDF5 images. To obtain broader support for file firmats, it is possible to attach the favourite Bioformats boundle to the program. The viewer4d can read a sequence of images across multiple folders and, of course, organize the order of images with our re-designed powerful Open dialog beforehand.

The program is developed for scientists by scientists with the aim to address our daily image inspecting activities.

How to use Viewer4d

Getting Viewer4d

How to build Viewer4d