The viewer3d is a cross-platform C++ computer program designed for displaying and inspecting 3D volumetric images. It is based on our i3d library and v3d library. Thus, it supports file formats that the i3dcore library supports including, optionally, the Bioformats library. The visualization features those of the v3dlibs including traditional orthogonal projections (see the left part of the figure below) and OpenGL based volumetric rendering of the data (see the right part of the figure below).

       The example of volume rendering with OpenGL

The main window contains three projection windows - xy, xz, and yz. Each projection window can display either orthogonal projection or maximum intensity projection. The type of projection in all windows can easily be changed by command View->Auto Focus.

Information about the loaded image is available in info window (Press “i”). It contains several tabs (Pixel info, Image info, and View info). "Pixel info" tab shows information about the voxel under the mouse pointer. "Image info" shows parameters of the loaded image: its type, size and voxel size and "View info" tab informs you about the current view.

fig 3

Main meatures

License and Download

The program viewer3d, which includes the binary of the v3dwins library, is available under the GNU LGPL license and is freely available as a windows installer package. The source codes are available upon an e-mail request.

Note that there is an advanced version, that allows to display and inspect a sequence of 3D images, of this software utilized in the new viewer4d application.


The program and the library have been developed in the Center for Biomedical Image Analysis, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, by several people. The principal authors of the library are Petr Matula, Martin Maška, and Pavel Matula. Contact Petr Matula for more information about the library.